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Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX


The CNATRA Headquarters Restoration project involves the restoration and modernization of the Command of Naval Air Training (CNATRA) Headquarters Building to include the environmental remediation (ACM & LBP Abatement) and demolition of the East Wing (17600 SF); demolition of the structure’s roof down to the deck, existing wall cladding down to the sheathing, existing windows & doors; interior walls shall be stripped down to the studs and ceilings removed to the floor/ceiling joists; and demolition of the entire floor coverings.

The rebuild portion of the work will follow with materials required for LEED Silver; architectural & historical element materials will be reused. All structural framing shall be inspected and damaged areas replaced. New building felt will be installed, spray foam insulation and installation of the exterior sheathing. The new fiber cementitious siding and panels shall be used to recreate the exterior character of the building. The restoration and modernization shall provide a facility that is compliant with all current Life Safety, Energy and Building Codes. The design has received the endorsement of SHOP and NAVFAC’s SE Historical Officer.



Design-Build Demolish Various Structures – BUMED
Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX

The GFP Group recently completed the Design-Build Environmental Remediation / Demolition of Various Structures project at the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas. The project included demolition of 12 BUMED structures.

Work on the project entailed full demolition of all the listed structures to include the complete removal of each building or structure and their associated site improvements, such as access sidewalks and fencing; removal of all electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems back to the main connection; removal of all structural systems including in-ground foundations. Environmental remediation of hazardous materials consisted of Asbestos, Lead Based Paint, Chlorination and PCBs. The Ejection Seat structures consisted of pre-formed concrete wall panels and were more than 48 feet in height. The end result of each site is land ready for future use, graded to drain and sodded. GFP completed the project ahead of schedule, within the budget, and with zero safety issues.

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Building 100 Structural Repairs

Randolph AFB, TX


The GFP Group successfully completed a high-profile Historical Restoration project to repair the windows and doors at the JBSA Randolph AFB Taj Mahal. Originally constructed by Army Quartermaster Corps as a Headquarters facility in 1930, Building 100 is a three-story, eclectic Spanish Renaissance Revival/Deco style building and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Taj Mahal houses the 12th Flying Training Wing and the 502nd Security Forces and Logistics Support Group, including the Judge Advocate General and legal offices.

The project included the restoration of 100 windows and 15 doors, maintaining its 1930’s era appearance. Special scheduling was maintained since the offices remained open during the restoration. The project included the removal of all of the building’s exterior windows from wall openings. All window frames were sand-blasted clean, repaired, primed and repainted. Repairs were made to all windows to include mounting fins and hardware returning them to fully functional condition.  All exterior doors were sanded, cleaned, repaired, primed and painted. All thresholds and weather stripping were replaced. All door hardware, hinges, latches were cleaned and made functional, and the above-door transoms were also restored.


Hurricane Harvey Response Stabilization Work

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX


In the aftermath of the Hurricane Harvey, The GFP Group was quick to mobilize and respond to assess and repair damage left behind by the powerful storm along the Texas Gulf Coast that affected the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi. Stabilization Work relating to Hurricane Harvey damage to various structures included ACM / LBP Testing of Base-wide structures; ACM / LBP Abatement of Base-wide structures; and ACM Clean-Up of Roof Debris, Base-Wide; stabilization of 95% of the exposed roofs; debris clean-up; engineering and architectural. As a result of GFP’s timely and safe work, GFP was awarded subsequent Permanent Repairs to various buildings to include Design/Build Mold Remediation, Roof Replacement, ACM Abatement, & Interior Finish-Out totaling $2.6M.

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South Texas MACC – Lot 210 Pavement Improvement

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX  


The GFP Group was tasked with making improvements to Lot 210 at NASCC.  The work consisted of removing the existing flexible pavement and replacing with  rigid pavement area of 1830-sy of 7” thick per specification and plan.

pavement 2.PNG



Asbestos Abatement and VCT Tile  Installation Hangar 55 

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX  


The work consisted of  abatement of asbestos containing materials and  installation of new VCT tile in rooms 213 and  215 of Hangar 55.



Demo, Removal & Repair Boat House at USCG Station Port O’Connor and

Repair Shoreties at USCG Station Port Aransas, TX

The Category 4 power of Hurricane Harvey left much of the Texas Gulf Coast tattered. The GFP Group responded to the emergency call from the US Coast Guard to repair damage to Coast Guard Stations in Port Aransas and Port O’Connor.

At Port O’Connor USCG Station work included the demolition and removal of the damaged Boat House. Workers removed decking on finger piers under the Boat House structure and replaced in kind with pressure treated decking to provide a working pier system. Deck fittings and other appurtenances were removed and reinstalled. Other work included the removal and replacement of the HVAC unit on Building 1, and the replacement of a metal storage shed.

At the Port Aransas USCG Station, GFP restored power to existing shoreties. The project included the replacement of cables and matching the existing size and type of cables as necessary. Circuit breakers were also replaced as required. GFP also conducted additional inspection and testing on electrical systems, including manholes, conduits and pullboxes, and performed repairs as needed.

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Martindale Readiness Center Major Renovation to the State of Texas Adjutant General’s Office

San Antonio, TX

GFP Group provided build services for the Texas Adjutant General. The work consisted of the renovation of existing building interior / exterior finishes and new MEP for approximately 45,000 square feet of new offices, classrooms, kitchen, drill hall, new locker rooms and latrines. Work also included architectural and structural renovations and miscellaneous exterior improvements in the immediate vicinity and within 5ft of the building line; range conversion and antiterrorism / force protection measures at Martindale Airfield.

readiness 2.PNG
Readiness 1.PNG


South Texas MACC – Replace Flooring and Ductwork at Bldg. 1707

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX

The GFP Group completed a project under the South Texas MACC to replace flooring and ductwork at the Naval Air Station’s Lighthouse Bowling Lanes, Building 1707. The work included demolition, replacement of various areas of flooring, ceiling tile grids and tiles. The project also involved the replacement of A/C ducting and the repair of walls and floors in the men’s and women’s bathrooms. This project was completed three months ahead of the contract deadline.

bowl 1.PNG


South Texas MACC – Renovate Bldg. 1740 for PSD Move

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX

Construction included renovation of various office spaces throughout Building 1740 at NASCC to accommodate the employees from the PSD department that will be moving into the building. Features of work for the project included demolition and abatement of hazardous materials; HVAC; fire protection; lighting; framing and walls; ceiling; electrical; doors; plumbing; and flooring.

The renovation included reconfiguring ceiling elevations and dropping HVAC vents, lighting and fire sprinkler heads to the new elevation. New walls and door frames were installed in portions of the building to accommodate a new floor plan. The breakroom received new counters, sink and associated plumbing

Move 1.PNG


Repair Sink Hole at Bldg. 1218 Parking Lot

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX

Task order 0001 of the Construction JOC NAS Corpus Christi/NAS Kingsville is complete and involved the Repair of Sink Hole at Bldg. 1218 Parking Lot. The undermine was a result of exfiltration from existing RCP (Reinforced Concrete Pipe) joint crack an area approximately of 15 square inches.


Work included the demolition and removal of existing 8 inches of concrete slab; repair of cracked RCP joint; backfilling the undermined/void area; constructing new drop inlet grate and concrete slabs.

All unstable existing soils were be replaced with granular material, and compacted. The drop grate inlet storm water structure system was installed and connected to existing storm water man hole. New base fill materials and new 8-inch thick concrete slab were included in the scope of work.

sink 4.PNG


SOQ-1 Interior Repairs

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX 


Work is complete for SOQ-1 Interior Repairs, the second task order under the Construction JOC NAS Corpus Christi/NAS Kingsville. The project involved removing the interior chase way that contains a flue that is no longer in use, and repairing the associated and existing damaged walls and flooring.

Located in a closet on the second floor, the chase is a built-out area that is visible in the closet space.  The chase runs floor to ceiling on the second floor. It originated in what is considered the ceiling for the first floor and terminated at a roof cap. The reclaimed space was returned to the closet.

The project also included ACM abatement and demolition; extending the existing shelving boards in the closet; repairing drywall; removing and replacing damaged flooring; and patching the damaged roof. All repairs to the interior and roof were required to match the existing finishes/materials in the SOQ

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Install Canopies at Buildings 28 AND 1717

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX

GFP recently completed a Task Order for the Construction JOC NAS Corpus Christi/NAS Kingsville to install canopies at Buildings 28 and 1717 at NASCC. The project involved preparation of the buildings for the installation of canopies over doors by moving light fixtures and associated electrical work and repairing the holes from removing the existing light fixtures. The project included the fabrication and installation of the canopies and all associated electrical work and finish out. The various canopy construction projects included posts set in concrete; galvanized standing seam metal roofs with flashing; and metal decking. All canopies were constructed to meet the 130-mph wind code.

canopy 1.PNG
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Ammo Bunkers Roof Vent Replacement

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX


The Roof Vents project consisted of the replacement of copper roof vents in Bunkers A-2 and A-3 at NAS Corpus Christi. GFP was responsible for removing the existing roof vents and replacing the transition stack and roof jack. The new roof vents were fabricated using 20-oz per sq ft copper with all soldered joints and copper rivets. The new roof vents were tied back into the electrical ground system with copper wire and fittings. Once completed, a grounding test of the vents was performed to ensure proper connection to grounding system. Flashings were fitted to match the existing pattern on the roof panels and ridge roll. Security grilles and bird screens were added as well


Live Oak City Hall

City of Live Oak, TX

GFP completed an addition of approximately 1,050 sf with wood frame, stucco exterior and standing seam metal roof and renovation of existing building interior at the Live Oak City Hall. Work included the construction of new Council Chambers, meeting hall, and construction of new office space.

This project received a Certificate of Appreciation by the Mayor and City Manager of Live Oak. GFP’s President and Project Manager were personally invited and recognized at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Also, GFP worked closely with the City and the Architect to incorporate newly approved Grant Funding that was added to the project after the award date.

LIve oak 1.PNG
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The Broadway Condominiums Renovations for McCombs Properties

San Antonio, TX


The Broadway Condo renovation is a multiple task order project to remodel and finish out condominiums at the 20-story high-rise building for McCombs Properties.

tower 1.PNG


South Texas Radiology Imaging Centers (STRIC), North Central, Carousel Court, Huebner

San Antonio, TX

The GFP Group was selected to complete interior finish-out projects at three locations for the South Texas Radiology Imaging Centers (STRIC) in San Antonio that included major HVAC components. STRIC – North Central project consisted of renovation to the existing Imaging Center. STRIC – Huebner work included renovation to the existing Imaging Center and MRI remodel. These two renovations were completed after hours and weekends. The office stayed open to patients during weekdays. STRIC – Carousel Court consisted of the finish-out of a new Imaging Center.



St. Philip’s College, Learning and Leadership Development Center

San Antonio, TX


This new construction and addition to St. Philip’s College at the Learning and Leadership Development Center consisted of 10,000 square feet of new construction, landscaping, and parking.

st philips.PNG


Bowlero Interior Renovation

San Antonio, TX


The GFP Group completed the interior and exterior renovation of the Bowlero – San Antonio Country Lanes which included demolition and replacement of bowling lane specialty wood floor surfaces.



District One Park Improvements

San Antonio, TX

The District One Park Improvements renovated three parks in the City of San Antonio Park System – Dellview Park, Kenwood Park and Los Angeles Heights Park. Work included selective demolition and site work, concrete trails, concrete sidewalks, concrete landing and stairs, benches, trash receptacles, bike racks, removal of fences, basketball court surfacing, concrete playground, and landscaping.

park 1.PNG
park 2.PNG


Leon Creek Greenway Southern Segment – Loop Trail at Levi Strauss Park

San Antonio, TX

The GFP Group was tasked with creating 2.5 miles of concrete trails through a diverse range of environments at Leon Creek Greenway South, including scenic overlooks of Leon Creek. The project included demolition and excavation; new concrete trails, sidewalks and bike paths; structural bridges; and tree preservation and landscaping. The Park project for the City of San Antonio also involved construction of a parking lot and striping as well as highway traffic signals, signage and lighting. Other elements included were monuments, bollards, boulder placement, retaining walls, drinking fountains and shade structures.



Northeast Service Center

City of San Antonio

The GFP Group was selected to finish out the second floor mezzanine of the Maintenance Building for office use. HVAC work included the installation of ductless mini split system air conditioning, variable capacity, and heat pump. The system included compact wall mounted evaporator section with wired control matched to a direct expansion, air cooled condensing unit. Also included were air turning devices/extractors, controls, accessories, associated electrical, and testing and balancing. GFP also installed natural gas fired furnaces, controls, accessories, electrical, gas delivery components.



SAHA Alazan-Apache Courts

San Antonio, TX

The work consisted of the renovation of 100 individual units for a multifamily property at Alazan-Apache Courts; including new MEP, flooring, painting, millwork, doors, and door hardware.



Design-Build Shade Structures

Lackland AFB, TX

The GFP Group provided design-build services of nine permanent shade structures at Lackland AFB. The structures were required to withstand 95 MPH wind velocity and 113 (3min Gusts). Frames were constructed out of tube steel with a powder coated finish. The canopies were PVC coated polyester UV and flame resistant fabric. Fabric was sewn with UV resistant thread for waterproofing. Steel columns were bolted down to 3000 psi concrete piers. The shade structures ranged in size from 10’X20’to 60’ X 78’.



Via Bus Wash Facilities

San Antonio, TX


This project consisted of installing a new bus wash system - the first of its kind in San Antonio - into existing bays at VIA headquarters. This system is responsible for washing VIA’s fleet of buses on daily basis. VIA bus wash system also included the installation of reverse osmosis system and the installation of a 30,000 gallon tank. The project included demolition of existing equipment and bays, new concrete, structural steel, wash equipment, plumbing and electrical work.



NISD Upper Playground Improvements Group 9

San Antonio, TX



The Playground Improvements project included excavation of main playground areas, removal of existing pea gravel and wood fiber sections, removal and re-installation/relocation of playground equipment, new equipment installation, construction of drainage systems,  installation of engineered wood fiber surfacing materials, rubber wear mats, concrete work, site grading, earthwork, fencing, topsoil installation,  sodding, utilities, hydro mulching, temporary irrigation and other related work. Sidewalk and related concrete construction involved selective demolition, earthwork, rough grading, excavation, chain link fences and gates, concrete paving, concrete curbs and sidewalks, utilities, storm sewage systems, modular concrete retaining wall, concrete reinforcement, and cast in place concrete.




D-B Construct Hazardous Waste Transfer and Storage Facility

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX
N69450-16-D-0615 Task Order N69450-18-F-2384

The work includes renovations to Building 259; the demolition of all parts of Building 257; the phased construction of a new Hazardous Waste Storage Facility and included related site work.

Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC) Repairs

Harlingen, TX

N69450-16-D-0615 Task Order N69450-18-F-2392

The work includes demolition, repairs and new construction of site and building improvement including, but not limited to: fencing, turnstiles, vehicle gates, paving, window films, door hardware, interior construction, and CCTV systems and incidental related work.

Building 3755 Smoke Detectors and H-3757 Paint & Panels
Naval Air Station
Kingsville, TX
N69450-16-D-0615 Task Order N69450-18-R-MACC10

The work includes providing and installing 146 smoke detectors and smoke sensors throughout BLDG 3755. Existing smoke detectors and smoke sensors are to be removed.  Additional work includes power wash, painting, panel replacement and associated work at Hangar 3757 exterior, and removal of the exterior stairway at Hangar 3757. Lead paint abatement is also required.

B-117 Renovation
Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX

The work includes the renovation of the Chapel at NASCC – construction of offices and replacement of equipment the gathering room in building 117. Features of work include demolition, mold remediation, lighting, electrical, insulation, paint, ceiling tile installation and flooring; the construction of non-loading bearing partition walls, voice/data, electrical receptacles, glazing and doors. Failed split HVAC units that service the gathering room will also be replaced.

Demolish Buildings A-1242, A-1280 and A-1735 Hurricane Harvey Recovery

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX

N69450-17-D-4001 Task Order N69450-18-F-2390

Work includes demolition and improvements at Buildings 1242, 1280 and 1735 as part of the Hurricane Harvey Recovery – NASCC.  Features of work are the demolition and removal of all materials, superstructures, floor slab, foundation, piping, and associated utilities. Upon complete demolition and removal, the site will be restored for future use. Restoration shall include backfill, compaction, and seeding of all disturbed areas. The project also includes the installation of concrete filled galvanized bollards at selected locations.

H3757, B4737, B5722 Oil and Water Separator Renovation
Naval Air Station Kingsville, TX

This project involves the replacement of a 500-gallon oil-water separator at NAS Kingsville and tank cleaning at several locations.  Work includes the demolition and excavation of pavement, installation of PVC pipe, epoxy-coated dowels, concrete placement, installation of oil-water separator, sludge removal and tank cleaning. 

Building H100 Renovation of 4th Floor
Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, TX


Work includes the renovation of the 4th floor at Building H-100. Features of work include ACM / LBP abatement, encapsulate ACM floor mastic, select demolition, electrical, lighting, metal studs, drywall and finish gyp board, painting, installation of VCT, carpet and cove base.

Hangar 3757 Concrete Slab Replacement
Naval Air Station Kingsville, TX

The project involves the replacement of 14 concrete slabs on the airfield at Hangar 3757 at NAS Kingsville and includes demolition, concrete sawing, surface prep, concrete placement, testing, and surface finishing.

Roof, Bath Staircase Renovations
Naval Air Station Kingsville, TX
Features of work for this project include replacement of roofs on Quarters A and B-1705, renovation of the Quarters A bathroom, and repairing and refinishing the stairs and handrails.